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Cultural services consist of the following sub-units:

  1. Libraries
  2. Museums and heritage services
  3. Cultural desk

The developmental objectives for each sub-unit are:

  1. Libraries 
  • To provide infrastructure for library services in all clusters. The aim is initially to provide at least 2 libraries per cluster
  • To provide deployment of library satellite network
  • Obtain funding for new collection development (new book purchases for all libraries to keep up to date with the latest information)
  • Provide internet connectivity for all library users
  • To enter into a Service Level Agreement with the Provincial Department of Sports, Arts and Culture in respect of the rendering of library services by Polokwane Municipality


       2.   Museums 

  • Upgrade all existing museum exhibitions to acceptable modernized standards, representative of all communities
  • Upgrade collection and its management systems
  • Undertake heritage studies to eventually include the whole municipal area and to develop Cultural Resources Management Plans (CRMP) for areas identified as heritage sites
  • Upgrade infrastructure and amenities at museums and other heritage sites
  • Undertake museum related research to enhance available information


       3.  Cultural Desk 

  • Development of necessary infrastructure for cultural development such as, arts centres, theatres, recording studios, etc.
  • Capacitating potential service providers to create an enabling environment for thriving cultural industries
  • Defining a more prominent role in the Mapungubwe Arts Festival by Polokwane Municipality
  • Planning and development of a cultural precinct
  • Define the role in respect of cultural programmes as well as the development of a plan for implementation and co-ordination of various cultural programmes

       4.   Projects 

  • Cultural Festivals
  • Cultural Infrastructure
  • Joint Project with the Provincial Cultural Competitions
  • Polokwane Ceremonial
  • Performance Groups
  • Skills Development
  • Workshops
  • Skills Development
  • Cultural Exchange Programme
  • Library Infrastructure Development
  • Collection Development
  • Library Books
  • Provision of Internet Facilities
  • Upgrading/Provision of Exhibitions
  • Museums/Heritage Sites
  • Cultural Resource Management Plans
  • Heritage Sites​