Dear Colleagues


Kindly find enclosed herewith information regarding Legal Services and the following additions:

  1. Projects – we currently have no projects.
  2. Announcements – we have no announcements.
  3. Events – we hold weekly meeting as and when it becomes necessary.
  4. Templates – we have a panel of attorneys on our data base whose three (3) year contracts lapse towards the end of this calendar year.


Composition of Legal Services SBU

  1. We have currently vacant position of Manager: Legal Services.
  2. We have four (4) positions of Assistant Manager: Legal Services under the following divisions/units:
    1. Legislation and law enforcement;
    2. Legal property;
    3. Litigation; and
    4. Governance and corporate affairs.
  3. We also have currently one vacant position of Admin Assistant and a position of Legal Advisor: Litigation.
  4. We have also been assigned a cleaner.



We make use of the contact numbers for the offices of Admin Assistant (which is X2142 or 2064) or Manager’s (which is X2062) to reach Legal Services.

We trust this information will suffice for the purposes of the present and shall be available for clarity.



Tshepo Leshilo

Assistant Manager: Legal Services