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Manager: PMU
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The Project Management Unit is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the overall performance of capital projects implementation by:

•Ensuring adherence to the Labour Intensive objectives as detailed in the Expanded Public Works Framework document and the Code of Good Practice for Special Public Works
•Ensuring Municipal and Regional integration of the MIG Programme and other non-MIG funded programmes within the framework of the Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan
•Ensuring the alignment of the approaches and processes of existing infrastructure programmes to those of Municipal Infrastructure Grant. All projects to meet the overall planning objectives and specific key performance indicators as determined by Polokwane Municipality – Manager, National and Provincial Senior MIG Manager
•Ensuring that reviews of project performance and cash flows are done in the Municipality
•Ensuring that, monthly, quarterly, annual, bi-annual and ad-hoc reports to DPLG as determined in applicable legislation or required by the MIG Management Unit are submitted
•Implementing a project management system

•Monitoring of Capital Project Implementation
•Management of Consultants and Contractors
•Monitoring compliance in terms of available legislations related to projects implementation
•Project Impact Assessment Study
•Registration of all projects funded by sector departments (EPWP, MIG)
•Monitoring and Evaluation of MIG funded projects
•Monitoring and Evaluation of EPWP Projects
•Facilitation of Learnership Programmes
•Facilitation of local labour training during project implementation