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 Mpumi Khumalo
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Integrated Development Plan is the principal strategic planning tool that guides informs all planning, development and decision-making in the municipality. Poverty eradication and job creation are critical ingredients of sustainable economic development. The IDP has a number of clear objectives and intended impacts such as consultative processes, strategic processes and implementation-oriented processes. The primary objective of the IDP is to accelerate service delivery by providing a framework for economic and social development.

•To develop a 20 year vision strategy that will guide a five year Integrated Development Plan
•To coordinate the IDP/Budget annual review and service delivery implementation plan
•To promote and implement an integrated development planning process with other spheres of government and relevant stakeholders
•Coordinate Organizational Performance Management processes and systems
•To gather information and research on specific policies, strategies and programmes relevant to local governance and public policy
•To coordinate Special Focus Programmes in the municipality i.e., youth, gender, disability, etc

•Development of long term development strategy
•Annual IDP/Budget Review Process
•Towards ten year review
•Mayoral Committee Strategic Bosberaad
•Special Focus Groups Management​