Supply Chain Management​

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Kwena Mashiane
Manager : Supply Chain Management
Contacts: 015 290 2148

The Supply Chain Management Unit is responsible for developing and implementing an effective and efficient supply chain management system. 
  1. Demand management
  2. Acquisition management
  3. Logistics management
  4. Contract  management and performance

The objectives of the SCM Unit are to:
  • Provide a Supply Chain Management System that is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective
  • Transform outdated procurement practices into an integrated SCM function
  • Ensure that SCM forms an integral part of the Financial Management System of the Municipality
  • Introduce a system for the appointment of consultants
  • Create a common understanding and interpretation of government’s preferential procurement policy objectives
  • Promote consistency in respect of SCM Policy and other related policy initiatives in Government
  • Align with global trends and ensure that the municipality adheres to international best practices

  • Establish and implement appropriate demand management system
  • Bidding system
  • Quotation system
  • Promote preferential procurement in terms of PPPFA
  • Update and maintain database of prospective service providers
  • Setting of inventory levels
  • Receiving and issuing of stores materials
  • Expediting of orders
  • Stores and warehousing management
  • Physical disposal of redundant/written off unserviceable stock items
  • Internal monitoring system
  • Reporting on the implementation of the supply chain management system to the Executive Mayor and Council​