Integrated Rapid Public Transport Networks (IRPTN’s) are defined as “the mobility wave of the future and are the only viable option that can ensure sustainable, equitable and uncongested mobility in liveable cities and districts”. 

According to the vision for public transport for the country, there can be no other road towards ensuring that the sector is effective and contributes to a better life for all than the integrated rapid public transport networks. The emphasis is put on the need to integrate the modes of public transport “with the entire network operating seamlessly and legibly as a  ​single ‘mode’”. 

The network “will have a common branding and marketing image and critical image factors such as cleanliness, security and real time user information will be actively managed to a high standard.” The project meant to realise the IRPTN in Polokwane is known as the Integrated Rapid Public Transport System (IRPTS).​