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Polokwane Municipality launched Transport Month in the City with high spirit. Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and Traffic Officers gathered in uniform at Jack Botes hall on the 09 October 2018 and demonstrated through parade for the public. During the exclusive parade, Executive Mayor, Cllr Thembi Nkadimeng and Municipal, Dikgape Makobe inspected and blessed the occasion and handed over keys to the beneficiaries. The parading crew displayed their salutations and moves to the leadership as part of thanking the Polokwane Council for the token of appreciation given to them as employees.

Director for Community Safety, Mr Ramakuntwane Selepe complimented the men and women in blue before outlining the purpose of the day. He said the law enforcement officers and traffic officers are representing the ability of rendering better services in transport sector as a whole. "Transport Month is here and celebrated in style by the City of Stars. We have positioned ourselves as the municipality which is ready to serve the people of Polokwane and Limpopo as a whole", he said.

Traffic Manager, Moshe Ramothwala acknowledged the efforts of Polokwane leadership for offering vehicles to execute their duties on the roads. He said all beneficiaries will represent the City of Stars everywhere they are and take good care of them with lifted morale. "We will serve Polokwane Municipality with pride and dignity at all times", he said. Ramothwala applauded the collective management lead by the progressive Executive Mayor, Cllr Thembi Nkadimeng for providing them with tools of trade which boosted their work morale and spirit. He deeply conveyed the traffic officer's words of gratitude to the Council of Polokwane for their first ever milestone achieved in local government.

Executive Mayor, Cllr Thembi Nkadimeng celebrated the women and men in uniform for navigating the stress of the people in their line of duty on the roads during Transport Month. "As a way of easing the stress levels that you encounter on the roads when dealing with different characters of people, Polokwane Council has offered you cars to motivate and encourage you to work harder. This is a giant milestone we could achieve with the limited resources in place", she said. She indicated that the 90 vehicles are fitted with good devices in them which will allow traffic officers to have great visibility across all Polokwane roads." When our traffic officers will be visible across each corner, motorists and pedestrians will be safe and enjoy their trips on the City roads. Make sure that you claim our City even at night times", she articulated.

Executive Mayor, Cllr Nkadimeng encouraged traffic wardens to upgrade their studies to be fully qualified traffic officers and be entitled to the vehicle benefits. She wished all the best of luck to the beneficiaries with their brand new vehicles. "Go out and give praises to your communities through your dedication, commitment and loyalty by rendering quality services at all times", she concluded.

Municipal Manager Dikgape Makobe conveyed words of appreciation to Limpopo Toyota for coming on board when approached. He also thanked Polokwane management for their creative ideas when required in making the purchased7 vehicles a success. A total of 18 Toyota single cabs was given to law enforcement officers and 72 traffic officers. The newly-purchased vehicles will help in promoting road safety and creating a peaceful and safer City as part of working towards Reaga Polokwane.

The entourage proceeded to an operation where Executive Mayor and MMC's for Community Safety engaged with motorists and pedestrians about practising safe journeys on the City roads at all times. Road safety awareness and inspected road worthy inspection of the vehicles which were stopped during the roadblock. Executive Mayor, Cllr Nkadimeng advised drivers to cooperate with municipal traffic officers to avoid accidents on the roads ad loss of lives due to negligence.

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